I have been here for you since 2004.

I channel topics that have a healing nature to heal the causes in our subconscious and unconscious.

I guide prepared souls or souls in preparation into a new consciousness.

I help on the soul’s path to its birth in manifestation as a human divine beings with an awareness of all inner gifts and missions.

My mission is to guide souls into a new reality with awareness of their own love and by opening the potential.

– By opening your eyes to places, situations and topics that need love grasp, release and transform into a higher consciousness for healing.

– By finding causes and effects in human lives so that one can permanently free from earthly suffering and karma. I heal through conscious touch, but also remotely through pranic sources energy.

– In healing prana I use a technique to connect with crystals, the earth, angelic beings and elements.

I read from the palm leaves the fate of man and the predestination in his incarnation. In the question: „What are the key topics that will open the right doors“ ?

– I send the palm leaf to the email address in written and spoken form.

I work with energy to clean spaces and at a distance.

I also started a group for learning through writing channeling,

where I pass on wisdom and life topics in the transition to the new awareness, awareness of Your heart…

The heart consciousness program is online and our connection from the place of ancient civilization is working through individual consultation and connection in the program.

I write articles with spiritual themes and paint energetic pictures.

I look forward to a personal and online miraculous meeting with you:

WhatsApp: +420722926684 E-mail: channeling@otevrisevsrdci-vivien.cz